I have been doing some research on sounds and hearing along with other things that may have an effect on it. I read through Stockhausen On Music briefly and some of the ideas in it were very interesting. One that caught my attention was where he speaks about everyone responding to sounds in different ways. I can relate to this because I have always responded to sounds  differently than I could tell other people responded to sounds. In the book there is also a concept talking about how with new technology, we can extend beyond what our bodies are capable of. This really intrigued me because I believe this and I would like to explore the limits of human hearing and sound along with what technology can do to bypass that. While doing research, I watched a TED Talks with Oliver Sacks. This special was on hallucinations. It dealt with not only hallucinations in hearing, but also in seeing. I had never heard of these things before being normal and happening to about 10% of people, but it was mind blowing to hear some of the stories of hallucinations and things that our minds can create but we cannot understand.Here is a link to the video-


Lastly I listened to a podcast on Radio lab, which while I did find helpful I thought the other research was more of where I would like to go with my projects.